Quilt Preparation Check List

 Please ensure all three layers (top, backing and batting) are separate and free of basting or pins when placed in mailing container.


____ trim all loose threads (both sides of quilt) and repair frayed or open seams
____ press thoroughly
____ ensure borders are flat (quilting will not flatten out waves)
____ square the corners
____ back stitch outside seams or stay stitch the perimeter of the quilt to secure outside seams
____ mark "TOP" with safety pin through a piece of paper
____ remove all other pins, safety pins and embellishments

Back (8" wider and longer than top):
____ press thoroughly
____ fabric should be of the same type (i.e., all cotton) and weight of the top
(no batiste or sail cloth when you have used calico to piece the top)
NEVER use bed sheets(the quality of the quilting will be very poor as the weave is too tight)
____ remove selvages before sewing back together using ½" seams (press open)
____ colors similar or matching quilt top
____ square the corners
____ at least 8" larger than top

Batting (8" wider and longer than top):
____ wash and dry 100% cotton batting, then measure to ensure it’s 8" wider and longer than the top
____ blended and poly batting should be misted and dried on lowest or air setting

____ prepared 2-1/4" wide binding strips, sewn together, equal to the circumference of the quilt plus 12 inches.
____ press binding in half, wrong sides together
____ binding cut on straight of grain, NOT on the bias
(Quilts with curved edges or corners require binding to be cut on the bias.)

____ specify if you wish your quilt returned to you via UPS or USPS
____ insurance is recommended for your quilt (it will be insured when returned to you)