Professional Longarm Quilting


Edge to Edge Quilting & Pantographs $35 Minimum charge
Simple patterns and large free form designs Edge to Edge $0.015 - 0.02/ square inch
Complex or multiple patterns (i.e., one pattern for quilt and one for borders) Edge to Edge $0.02 - 0.03/ square inch
Custom quilting and design Edge to Edge $0.03 - 0.06 / square inch
Whole Cloth & Heirloom Custom $0.06 and up/ square inch
plus cost of material
Thread Bobbin Change (each) $1.00 - 2.00
Batting Wool $0.50/sq. foot
  100% Cotton $0.45/sq. foot
  Black Poly $0.35/sq. foot
  80% Cotton/20% Poly (white or natural) $0.30/sq. foot
Binding preparation Binding prepared by Catamount Quilting $15.00
Attaching and finishing prepared binding Prepared binding will be machine stitched
to top of quilt, and hand sewn on the back
with mitered corners.
$0.20 per linear inch
Attaching prepared binding only Prepared binding will be machine stitched
to top of quilt.
$0.05 per linear inch
Tax New Mexico Residents add 6.0625%
Return Shipping and Handling $100 insurance provided

up to full - $18.00
queenking - by quote